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Yes! It's another claims community! This time it's a community for absolutely ANYTHING Australian. If it's not Australian, you can't claim it -- well, not here at least!

The Rules
- Read the claims list BEFORE you claim an Australian item.
- Of course, what you claim MUST be Australian. It would be helpful if you knew it was definitely Australian before you claim it.
- You are allowed a maximum of three Australian claims.
- BUT, if you put your first claims in your userinfo, you may have another three claims.
- We aren't going to be really strict about things like Vegemite, which is owned by an American company. We're still going to say it's Australian.
- No nastiness, whatsoever! If someone tries to claim something that you know for a fact isn't Australian, don't get angry at them, just tell them nicely that the item isn't Australian. Though this shouldn't happen, because we encourage you to find out whether the item is definitely Australian, or not, before you claim it.
- Absolutely NO off-topic posts! No advertising or anything. There are community-advertising communities around. This is not one of them.
- If a journal is deleted, their claims will be too. If you want to switch journals and keep your claims, just make a post in the community and your new username will be added to your claims.

How to Claim
- Join the community. You don't have to friend the community as well. If you friend the community you'll get all the claimer's posts on you friend page, and you may not want that.
- Post your claim. All you need to say is "I claim ______", that's all.
- Your claim should be added to the list soon.

heartwheels, jellyjulie and heartswt are your friendly moderators. :)

Last Claims List update: 21st February. It may take a while for your claims to be added, but be patient - they'll be added eventually!